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Looking to get that canine art noticed? Here's a group for you! 

1 deviant said :iconallwolves: I am a contributor for this group and I would love it if it grew more active, so heres some advertising for it!


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They are all much appreciated.

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Igottaggedbydizamazinperson HunterBeingHunted

-You must tag 10 people(-cough- oh really? well flup.)
-You must answer 10 questions asked by your tagger and give 10 questions to the people you tag
-You must share ten things about yourself
-You must post these rules

Facts about me:

1- I dont get mad if I loose a game of smite, I get mad when people start to get negative... this means that is very often I get mad while playing smite. I mean seriously ppl. It's a game. you dont need to win every flippin game. -facedesks- yeah I just played some smite.

2- I have a cat called Ebony, a dwarf hamster that is called skillet and my sister got a bunny called Hamlet. 

3- My hamster is blind and old. wich is quite sad but well.

4. I absolutely love playing Kukulkan on smite. Havn't gotten a mastery level when I am writing this but probably will soon, and then I shall buy the golden skin... hurrhurhuhruhurhrurhurhrhruhrurhr.

5- SOme intresting stuff you ask for? I dun have any. I barely know what to type. Yes this count as one fact about me. Ofcourse.

6- I have this amazing friend that I have known in about 5 years by now and she sometimes make me cry becouse... she have some really nice words to say at all times, she sounds wise at times, I haven't met her irl tho... want to ofcourse.

7- I'm in level (legendary) 23 on multiplayer on red dead redemption and is slowly working towards that buffalo.

8- I dont even know what I am typing becouse thes are so uninteresting things about me oh god oh geez. But I suppose I am desperately looking for people that can play with me on smite and that isnt negative about everything? xD

9- I barely ever delete messages here on dA. Right now I have: 3(notices) - 10,620(deviations) - 294(dAwatch messages) - 138 feedback messages) - 41 correspondence Messages

10- I really cant draw atm nothing turns out how I wishes it to look, so I am not that motivated to drawing atm.


1. If you could choose one which would it be and why?: a)live eternally b)never age but still die after a certain amount of time you have chosen c) age but live long and never get physically in bad condition (wrinkly but never dementia or inability to walk and such) and then just die at a specific chosen age 
-b. I dunno I dont want to... get a life? I'm fine with my current... kind of. I suppose. I dunno. 

2. You are able to become a mage, but you must choose only one kind of spells you are able to do, what would you choose? (summoning things? destructive magic? healing and fortifying magic? trickery of some kind? etc.)
-Conjuration have always bean something I dearly love - so that is summoning things. But I still belive it would have bean epic with destruction magic... but to think of it - healing would probably be what I would pick if it could cure even ebola that would have bean... very useful. So Healing would be my answer.

3. What are the top three or just three veryyyyy happy moments in your life?
- Oh this one is hard. but I still now some very good moments in my life. 
Firstly- one moment I absolutely loved was when this friend of mine simply gave me a good reason to live. People can change alot by just written words on skype - I have proof of that.
Secondly- Once I rode this horse called Pepsi, she was my favorite horse that I have ever met. I became to big for her though... however, I was riding her over this field in a galopp(if thats how you spell it in english? however running.) and she kicked her back hooves up in the air as it was spring, it gave me a great feeling and that is one moment I would have wished to relive.
Thirdly- I have no idea, the once above was an ofcourse but.. its a really hard quistion so I am unsure if I can think of any more.

4. If being able to get any job right now/in future, what would it be? If you have your dream job already what is it? 
Architect, I really want to be a architect and become a really good one and simply see buildings that I have done get built, I believe that would have bean amazing.

5. Best food ever and can you make it yourself?
Chicken wrapped in bacon with some kind of stuffing aswell... no I cant do it myself but it tastes so good ;;

6. What would you never eat? (must be food and an generally edible thing xD)
uhm Haggis? I mean like. look at it just.

7. If you could go back in time and change something would you and what? if not why?
These quistions... I suppose I would have tried to be more with other peope instead of the people I am with now and I call friends? becouse honeslty I could have landed with better people then the once I have now irl... 

8. Would you want death penalty as a punishment in your country?

9. Do you want kids in the future/already have them?
I suppose? I am unsure, still I wouldn't want to.. like give birth to somone becouse... well I'd rather adopt if so. It is hard to say already for me tho.

10. What kinda place would your dream home be located in and what would it be like?
About the same as how I live right now? but with less idiots as neighbors and... goats. I want to own a goat.

oh geez...
My quistions:

1. What would you say your element would be between the four?

2. Have you ever played a MOBA game? (LoL, smite, Strife, HoN, DoTA)

3. Do you belive that chocolate with oreo bits in it would be a good combination? -becouse it is, we have such a chocolate in sweden but... what do you think?-

4. Whats you favorite thing to draw? 

5. What do you often work with when you draw?

6. What flavor would you most likely choose on ice cream/gum/etc?

7. Whose your favorite artist on dA, if you got one?

8. Whats your favorite youtuber?

9. What would you have wanted yourself to be named unless you already have your favorite name?

10. Favorite song atm?


Tagging time:
I am really bad at desiding who to tag. uhhhhm.

first of all- I would love it if :devhunterbeinghunted would bother leaving a comment with her answers on my quistions becouse I dunnoo I am always intrested~ but you can do that freely cx

(kind of just choosing people in my messages but yah :D )
aktivika Tangerine282
and random ppl that recently watched me -thank chu for watching me. tagging you is such a nice gesture for me-

xX-NIGHTBANEWOLF-Xx WitherWolfie Malaxy

and um. it said tag 5 ppl right? great thats good. guud ofcourse. yes. guudddd. 


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hello ppl ya
Wed Jan 14, 2015, 12:39 PM
Sun Jun 8, 2014, 11:18 AM
Thank chu <3 ;;
Wed May 7, 2014, 9:03 AM
hi,i love yor gallery :)
Wed Apr 9, 2014, 7:42 AM
Hello there, strangers.
Sat Apr 5, 2014, 8:38 AM
Fri Mar 28, 2014, 11:51 PM
Sun Mar 2, 2014, 5:21 AM
Sun Feb 23, 2014, 11:23 AM
born in sin? come on in!
Tue Dec 31, 2013, 6:56 AM
mine? yeah it is epic <3
Sat Dec 14, 2013, 12:20 PM


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BunnyGal2 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I am so sorry for being late with the commission. I got a rough spot on colors and for aki's one I hit a rough spot on the main lines having a mess up so I had to fix it. I'm sorry sorry they are late, but I'll get them finished and uploaded in no time.
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