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PC: Aki Doll by Shadow-At-Heart1PC: Calamity Doll by Shadow-At-Heart1

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Sooo was thinking about how much I have improved since I joined deviantart, so I was thinking - why not put the best pieces from each page in my gallery in one journal? So I am going to do that~ 2 pieces for each page, or atleast some as I sometimes dont really know

20. Darkwind by CenturiesForGlory Little Darkwind by CenturiesForGlory - My main character was Darkwind here, these were made 2011, around the end of 2011 actually as you see, I didnt shade didnt do much about the background, annnd... the white edges...

19. Lightningkit by CenturiesForGlory - I started drawing cats alot more, on this page there is no deviation that I really feel like... it looks alright considering my age and such back then, but yeah, chose this one mainly to show that I have been even worse with the water, I remember that I didnt use layers here either, I think this is one of the first deviations were I started shading... a little bit atleast, but I must say, I wasnt good at it - it kind of looks like he is floating - again didnt lay much time on the backgrounds.

18. new design on Darksoul! by CenturiesForGlory Grayskies by CenturiesForGlory - Here I drew Darksoul and Grayskies, both headshots but I remember being somewhat proud of both - and I see why, they are not thaaaaat bad, ofcourse could have been way better, I can do way better now, but yeah... and lets think of the names, eh? I was clearly into warriors here, but seriously... Darksoul? gee so good name mhm. 2012 in the end of summer 

17. Still nameless~ by CenturiesForGlory I was drawing alot of gryphons at this point... kind of makes me want to draw gryphons again... anyway, not much to say, I didnt draw that much around this time, it was alot of presets for feralheart this was made in september 2012

16. DiScOrD by CenturiesForGlory I remember really liking this one... for some reason. Anyway this is of my character Discord, that I used for a rp in fh. Done in the end of september 2012

15. Dragon adoptable by CenturiesForGlory some traditional art - was alot of traditional art around this time and this one was probably one of the best, was an adoptable but honestly - who would have wanted it? ^^' if anyone sees this journal and wants it, feel free to ask, givving it for free... since yeah, theres also one other dragon adopt on the same page, but it's wings are weird wich is why I decided not to feature it here and instead featured this one, as it looks better because of the wings... but yeah, givving both for free if anyone is intrested

14. Wave reff -update- by CenturiesForGlory well honestly, no good art on this page, there is 3 pictures and none of them is really good... well none of the above is really good either, but most of the above I still somewhat liked when I made them o3o' but here, this one is probably the best, didnt want references or anything like that but ohwell. november 2012

13. Anubis - made at art lesson :3 by CenturiesForGlory I reemember that I really liked this one - here it was big differences from my traditional and digital art, my traditional was way better. however I did use a reference for this picture. december 2012

12. In the moon's light by CenturiesForGloryMy new OC by CenturiesForGloryA rainy day... by CenturiesForGlory I started to imrove here, in the start of 2013 and here I first introduced my old character Aro, I had him quite a while and was a loved oc, however... he had a stupid design

11. Pc: Wastingtyme by CenturiesForGlorySilence by CenturiesForGlory here another important character was introduced, Silence. He was my character a really long time and I might bring him back as... well I really liked him, but I might change his name... as silence is not that creative. march 2013

10. FhHG - Desmond and Corvo by CenturiesForGloryGift: Inku by CenturiesForGloryahhh the feralheart hunger games... that was a fun rp really, Corvo and Desmond owned everyone~ they were a good team c: I miss that rp... ohwell here you see I improved my backgrounds, spent more time on them here. July 2013

9. Guardian of the underground by CenturiesForGloryGetting away with murder by CenturiesForGloryRaiko by CenturiesForGlory This is a part were I drew alot and improved alot - I got sai and started drawing with tablet, it made me improve alot! I also really started to look at the backgrounds and understood how much difference they can do to the picture, around summer of 2013

8. Even in the warmest places... by CenturiesForGloryThirst for blood by CenturiesForGlory Agggh <3 Akiii~ the first picture I did for Aki! September 9, 2013 was the day Aki was born c: anyway, again worked alot on the background, I remember really liking the cheetah picture, and I still kind of do, just somethings special about it I guess. These were both made in september 2013

7. SBCFernando by CenturiesForGloryKiss me like you wanna be loved by CenturiesForGlory cant say the backgrounds really improved, but I started drawing felines a bit more often as I got into Lioden and made commisions. september and november 2013

6. A normal snowy night... by CenturiesForGloryPC: XxXSilverStreakXxX by CenturiesForGlory I enyojed drawing both of this pictures and I started with laying down time on the backgrounds again, as clearly visible, I have improved the water since the previous picture that was featured in this journal with water... but yeah. January and February 2014

5. Surrounded by fire by CenturiesForGloryTiger by CenturiesForGlory I started drawing realistic stuff here, and I also got my character Azrik wich I regret leaving... I should use him again, he is a really nice character and I really enjoyed drawing him. May and April 2014

4. Calamity son of disaster by CenturiesForGloryCalder of the sea by CenturiesForGlory Calamity the son of disaster and Calder of the sea... the two rivals that I wish I could have rped with a bit more, but sadly that rp died before it even started <.< July 2014

3. Ohdeath by CenturiesForGloryThe dragonborn comes by CenturiesForGlory Here I really felt the background was most important but I also started making scales on the dragons, as this was the first dragons on a long time and I wanted to impress myself with improvement. August and July 2014

2. The Breath Of A Demon by CenturiesForGloryLdc: Lucy by CenturiesForGlory of all art on this page the person I asked wich on I should feature choose one that I really didnt like from that page but sure. anyway the first picture is of Aki, and is one of my favorite pictures in my gallery... its not that great but I just really like it o3o december 2014 and january 2015

1. FA: The Void Burrower(speedpaint) by CenturiesForGlorySunlight is not enough by CenturiesForGloryAnd here is the latest artwork I have done on the first page in my gallery! I now barely ever draw with lines, except with dragons as I find it easier since... alot of scales buuut yeah, currently I am drawing alot of LoL fanart, I am working on making the pictures have more movement currently to make them... less boring, as I rarely really have movement in my pictures, but now I start to have a bit more atleast. 2015~


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